Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chris was found by a coworker of RCCR's director.  She saw a filthy little "thing" in the road and stopped to investigate.  It turned out to be a scared, dirty, matted little Shih Tzu.  They took him home and tried to clean him up but he seemed to be in pain so she called in the rescue cavalry.

Chris was taken to our favorite animal hospital, Ivan Animal Hospital in House Springs, for care on Monday.  He was examined and instructions were given for antibiotics, eye drops and a good haircut on Friday.  Our resident dog whisperer, Dr Laura Ivan, happened upon him waiting in his run to be picked up.  The smell that was still coming off him after a bath stopped her in her tracks and she decided to she simply couldn't leave him as is since he seemed so uncomfortable.

Thank goodness for Dr Ivan!  In attempting to trim his hair around his face and hind end, she discovered he was covered in about 100 maggots under all those mats and tangled fur.  Chris was given a buzz down over most of his body and some morphine for his discomfort.  He is now resting somewhat more comfortably than before at the hospital. 

RCCR would like to give a special thank you to Laura Ivan and all the staff at Ivan Animal Hospital for helping treat Chris.